VASANTHAM has both day-care and residential facilities. The day-care centre works from 9.20 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Fridays.

The teaching and therapeutic services rendered by VASANTHAM include

- Evaluation and diagnosis of Developmental Disabilities during every child’s initial visit to Vasantham. It involves a team of professionals including special educator, psychologist, speech & language therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, vocational trainer and related medical professionals. The findings and results are discussed with the child’s family members.


- Special Educational Assessment is conducted during the first week once the child gets enrolled at Vasantham. This helps in setting child-oriented goals which keeps varying depending upon the child’s progress. Regular re-evaluations are done and discussed with parents/guardians in group and individual meetings. Adequate guidance is provided to the family.


- Special Education training with child-oriented goals with reference to standardized test materials (checklists & profiles) is provided for all the children.


- Special Remedial Education in the evenings and weekends, for children who are into “inclusive” education in regular schools.


- Early Intervention for children of age range 0-5 years. These children are trained along with the parents/caregivers on various domains.


- Pre-vocational and Vocational Training for adolescent and adult individuals with developmental disabilities.


- Speech and Language Therapy for improving the communication skills.


- Physiotherapy to facilitate gross motor movements.


- Occupational Therapy to facilitate fine motor movements.


- Yoga Therapy


- Play Therapy


- Dance Therapy


- Medical, Para-medical & Psychological services whenever necessary


- Counseling Services


- Home based Programme


Apart from these general and focused services, various other activities such as excursions, field trips, health camps, guest lectures, activities involving the family of special children, celebrations of festivals and special days are organized on a regular basis.